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At Botanical Services llc, we specialize in many different services ranging from landscape design, maintenance of flower beds, vegetable garden installation and maintenance, pruning your trees and shrubs, lawn maintenance, weed control, lawn aeration, lawn and garden bed edging, custom potting, insect control, invasive plant species control, fertilization, drip irrigation installation, stone pathways or patios, retaining walls, fountain installation, pond maintenance and construction along with garden maintenance services. We also offer Spring Cleanup and a Fall Cleanup Packages. If you are interested in a flowerbed (new or looking to update), butterfly garden, vegetable garden or a herb garden, we can design a garden that is perfect for you!

Water Features

Aeration and Fountain Systems are currently being offered by Botanical Services,llc. If you want a fountain or aeration pump installed in your subdivision retention pond or are considering adding one to an existing pond, let Botanical Services design the right system for your needs. Water aeration will improve oxygen levels in the water at a rate of 2.2 lbs per HP/hour and pumping rates over 500 GPM. We currently offer 1/2 HP to 25 HP systems. The benefits of these systems include improved water quality, algae control, reduced or eliminated odors, mosquito larvae control and helps create healthy waterways. (Permits must be pulled for these services and are based on your local municipality codes and permit costs.)

Ever thought about how nice it would be to have your own stream and/or waterfall in your backyard? Well now you can! We offer design, installation and maintenance services. Now matter how big or how small, we can design a system that will add beauty and nature to your existing landscape. Already have a pond? Then we can provide maintenance services to keep your pond clean and running smoothly. Contact us today!

Maybe just a simple water feature is what your looking for. Something small enough to fit on a patio or front porch. We can create flower pot sized water features that be placed almost anywhere. Call or email us today for more information!

Landscape/Garden Design

Not only will we design, but we will also construct your flower bed(s) and we will also maintain them for you on a monthly basis or bi-weekly basis. The monthly and bi-weekly service plans include weeding, soil testing, fertilizing, dead heading flowers, pruning bushes and insect management. Call or contact us today to learn more about these and our other services! Estimates are always free.


Custom Flower Pots

Looking for the WOW Factor in your flower pots? At Botanical Services llc, we will help with pot and flower selections to match your tastes perfectly. Having many varieties of flowers in a pot will help with constant blooms all Summer long. Flower pots are an inexpensive way to add curb appeal to the front of your home and create a tranquil space on your patio or deck. Whether you enjoy flowers, herbs or small shrubs, container gardening is a great way to manage certain species that like to spread. (Like Raspberries – yum!) Call or contact us today for your free estimate.

Vegetable Garden Services

Do you love fresh vegetables? Plant your own vegetable garden and get your favorite veggies right out of your own backyard. Vegetable garden design, installation and maintenance service plans available. Let Botanical Services do the work and you harvest the rewards. Contact us today!

Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn maintenance packages are custom tailored to each customers preference. We will sit down and go over your needs and create a service plan that is right for you. Each lawn maintenance visit includes mowing, trimming and clearing of organic debris from sidewalks, patios and driveways. Other options are lawn fertilization, lawn aeration, over seeding, edging of sidewalks driveways and patios and striping of the lawn (this gives you the look of a baseball field). Contact us today for a free estimate.


Lawn Fertilizer Service

Let us help you create the lawn of envy. At Botanical Services, llc we are fully licensed for turf applications. We can come out and take soil samples to find out what nutrients are lacking in your lawn. From here we can develop a plan to enrich the soil, invigorate root growth and give your lawn a deep green color and feel like a carpet when you walk on it. Service plans are available and we use liquid, granular and organic herbicides to feed your lawn from early Spring to late Fall. Weed control and insect control services are also available. Call or click to schedule your free lawn care estimate! (Soil testing is not included in the free estimate. Results may take up to 2 weeks for lab results to be available. 2 soil tests minimum is recommended for best results).

Irrigation Services

Drip irrigation installation will save resources by emitting only the necessary amount of water on an as needed basis when installed with a moisture metering system and timer. This is a great way for your gardens (flower or vegetable) to always be at their best in the hottest days of Summer. Water is a precious resource so why not use it wisely?

Save water! Ask about drip irrigation today!

 Spring Cleanup Package Options:

Removal of yard debris, raking your lawn, lawn seeding of barren patches, flower bed cleanup, tree and shrub pruning, fertilization (flower beds), edging of flower beds, soil testing (flower beds only) are just some of the services we offer. Spring Cleanup services can be customized to fit your needs. Call or click today and let us help you!

Fall Cleanup Package Options:

Aeration of lawn, over seeding the lawn, pruning trees & shrubs, leaf cleanup ( grass and garden bed areas only), cutting back perennials beds for winter, Fall fertilizer and shutting down the sprinkler system are just some of the services we offer. Fall Cleanup services can be customized to fit your needs. Call or click today and let us help you!

 Payment Types

At Botanical Services, llc we accept the following payment types. Cash, check, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and Paypal are accepted. Individual and Commercial accounts are available and require an accepted credit application to be on file. Please contact us for more information. There is a 3% service charge added to all credit card transactions.